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Welcome to my Blog Page!

Hello and Welcome!

This year, my young adult novel entitled FREAKS OF NATURE will hit bookstore shelves in May. Of course, there is a lot to do before then––art reveals, contests and giveaways.

All of which will be mentioned on my blog and my Facebook page: Freaks of Nature by Wendy Brotherlin — So check in regularly and find out what’s going on.

Today is an art reveal! Woo-hoo! The first character artwork I am releasing today is that of Nevada–aka Alison Wingate. Beautiful, isn’t she? The artwork was created by Mike Corriero © 2014. The daughter of a powerful US Senator, Nevada is no daddy’s girl. She seeks the Psionic Underground Network to escape a fearsome enemy…her own family.

Atop her bald head is a gorgeous, electric blue psionic tattoo. Psionic tattoos are created by psi-tatts. A psi-tatt can transfer his psionic energy beneath the skin of an individual in any pattern he can imagine. The energy can remain beneath the skin of a psion for up to three weeks before it begins to fade away, with no ill effects. For ordinary humans though, a psi-tattoo is death itself– but not just any death, a puppet-master-without-the-strings-melts-your-brains-from-the-inside kind of death. As the psi-tattoo spreads, the more insane the baseline becomes. He eventually caves to the whims of the psi-tatt who infected him, carrying out his master’s every order until death mercifully claims him.

Nevada is not a psi-tatt. She is a windwalker. Windwalkers are elemental psions who can manipulate air molecules, generate wind and fly.

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