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Ghosts of Tokyo is a fast-paced, modern-day, young-adult adventure for girls that reveals a

touch of the extraordinary hidden within our ordinary, everyday world.

Ghosts-of-Tokyo_Arianna-Final-cropped 2.

Fifteen-year-old Arianna has been held captive for three years by the Yakuza in Tokyo, Japan,
because she can see a person’s fate with a mere touch of her hand. When Arianna shares a vision
with her Yakuza underboss captor that she is unable to take back, her words set in motion a
series of events that put a world-renown, Las Vegas cardio-thoracic surgeon and his fifteen-year-
old daughter, Cassie, directly in the crosshairs of the fierce Yakuza mafia. With all of their lives
in the balance, Arianna must find the courage to challenge fate so that she might escape the
clutches of the Yakuza with her new American friends.

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