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Born in a small town outside St. Louis, Wendy Brotherlin has always been an entertainer at heart. Brotherlin began writing short stories to amuse her friends in elementary school, and by high school she had co-written a musical and two award-winning student films. Her life-long passion for telling great stories drew her to the bright lights of Hollywood. 

After earning her MFA in screenwriting at the University of Southern California, Brotherlin wrote scripts for shows such as Nickelodeon’s “Are You Afraid of the Dark and Discovery Kid’s “Mentors” series. This earned Brotherlin the reputation for writing edgy youth drama with unpredictable plot turns. Her high-concept plots and fast action are paired with heartfelt characters that bring her imaginary worlds to life.

Brotherlin began writing Young Adult fiction to showcase real teenagers, showing readers that they are the stars of their own lives. FREAKS OF NATURE is set in a futuristic world parallel to our own, but that only heightens the contemporary issues featured in her book. For Brotherlin, science fiction is a marvelous means of examining the human condition, while at the same time allowing the reader to revel in the fantastical worlds she has created.

Now a wife, mother, and literacy volunteer residing in Maine, Brotherlin’s young adult novels reflect her enjoyment at discovering the extraordinary within the ordinary; the fantastical within the mundane.



Mike is a freelance concept artist and illustrator for the video game and film industries. He has produced work for companies such as Hasbro Inc., Paizo Publishing, Liquid Development, Radical Entertainment and most recently has been providing conceptual character designs for a young adult novel and graphic novel. Mike specializes in Creature Design and development, Character Design and Environments. If you need a fresh, original take on the designs for your project, Mike is always open to new freelance and outsourcing projects. 

Mike Corriero
Colonia, NJ, USA



Kaleb is a website and social media manager, with

SkyBox Media Group!

Combining several years of Web Design, Social Media Marketing/Managment, and Establishing Online Presences, he brings a great value to the team!

Kaleb Pushard

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