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Julia Morgan was once The Agency’s highest ranking telepath. At sixteen, she was the darling of the psi-forces, a shining example of how the starburst children could best serve mankind. But that beautiful young woman never made it back from her first mission.

Two years later, Lieutenant Julia Morgan appeared. Her face destroyed, her powers gone… she prides herself on
tormenting her psionic underlings.

Julia Morgan is but one of the many psionic teenagers featured in the upcoming young adult novel Shadow Walker.

Wendy Brotherlin - ltMorgan-sketch-Helme

The story itself in an intense thrill-ride that takes place three years after Freaks of Nature and follows Rhea Quinnox, an eighteen-year-old empath and single mother, who reads residual energy at crime scenes for her mysterious employer, The Agency. Rhea is a child of the psi-generation. Nineteen years ago, a plague decimated the planet. Pregnant women given the vaccine gave birth to a generation of blue-eyed babies born with amazing mental powers. But as Rhea begins to understand, having a special gift makes her a target in the baseline world. The Agency’s plan all along has never been to nurture her kind, only control them, use them, and ultimately kill them to further their power-mad agendas. Rhea must outwit a powerful Agency creation, the shadow walker, in order to free herself and her three-year-old daughter from The Agency’s control… but at the cost of leaving many good people behind and an uncertain future ahead.

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