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Litchfield News Herald Features Home Grown Author!

News Article of Wendy Brotherlin

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MatteBlk Catalyst4Christ
MatteBlk Catalyst4Christ
Jul 06, 2021

How mucha wanna betcha Im actually crazier than you? Why? I saw Seventh-Heaven. Know how the loons cry with their RSVP chant? You certainly can, too - just need to prepare: Miss Gorgeous... I write uncivilized: fulla conundrums, fulla endorphins; plus! gottagobbalotta timeless, saucy, rare-metal-moxie: rude, crude and so, so Miss Construed while sassy, savvy and quite sub/dude. Wannum? All-°-them? ♡ ♡ -GBY! ADDENdUMb (<- like bookends): fall in love with Seventh-Heaven where I visited; our blogOwamma shows you how with H A R D C O R E, S E M P E R/F I (Latin: always faithful) Z E A L O T R Y!!! you N i cannot stay here (afte…

Jan 06, 2022
Replying to

Wanna VitSee from a NDEr??

Follow me to Heaven again!!!

We can, for time without end,

write oemnillions X oemnillions

X oemnillions (<- which's 000

less than infinity); we may explore

the universe then return to our

B.O.M.M (<- Big Ol Majestic Mansion)

to RITE zillionz N zillionz N zillionz

moe, Curly, and other bombastic,

audacious endeavors:

♡♡♡ ♡♡♡

When I tokbout how2achieve Heaven in a raw, rowdy, roadkill reality, moe-offen-than-not, 'artists' are looked upon as being 'Hoi Polloi'. God doesnt see us that way: sHe loves art; in fact, the whole universe's filled withe most wild, ephemeral, magnificent art4eva. Love you. Cya soon. GBY x-tra...

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